Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rock Solid Kicks off in Whangarei!

After many prayers, meetings, and planning Rock Solid has finally begun in Whangarei. In our last post we explained how God has opened the door to bring this awesome ministry to Whangarei, the city where we are living. It kicked off on Tuesday night with a Mega Pizza Party. Unfortunately, Jesse was unable to attend because he was sick and had to stay home. However, it was a great time and there were 35 kids there. We played tons of silly games and stuffed ourselves with pizza and fizzy (pop). God also provided us with many helpers in order to make the night successful and not overwhelming. Please continue to pray for this ministry. On November 9th (Jenna's Birthday!) we will be taking 3 van loads of kids down to Auckland for Rainbow Rampage. All Rock solid clubs from around New Zealand will be going to Rainbows End, New Zealand's one and only amusement park. Please pray for safe travels and that God will open up many opportunities to share Jesus with the kids who do not know Him!

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