Saturday, August 4, 2012

Prayer Request

We apologize for the lack in post recently. Jenna and I have been busy with district children camps and moving from out apartment.  God did some awesome things at both camps and the children at both camps promised to pray for us :)

We do have a "urgent" prayer request though.  We need to find something to do with our car. We would love to sell it but the prospects are not promising. We also would love to keep it but the payments may be really difficult for us to make while in NZ. Please pray that God will make it clear what we should do with it. Pray that he will provide a buyer or a way to pay for the car while we are gone.  God is an awesome God that can do amazing thing.  Thanks for your prayers ahead of time.

Update on our trip:  Jesse has his Visa and Jenna is in the process of getting hers. We have our plane tickets purchased and we will be leaving on Sept 11th at 5:40p and will arrive in NZ on Sept. 14 at 12:50a.  My last day as children's pastor is on August 8th.  We head to WV on the 9th and then to KC on Sunday for 3 weeks.  We will be back in BC for the first week of september until we head to NZ.  

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