Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baptism Sunday

We know we are here in New Zealand for many reasons, but there are two very special girls who we believe are a huge part of why we are here. These two sisters are 11 and 13 years old and recently lost their older sister to suicide just 7 months ago. This past year has been a year of grieving and change. They have struggled with the temptations that today's world brings and finding their true identity. We have had the privilege of building relationships with these two beautiful young ladies. The 13 year old, Hannah, attended the EPIC Nazarene Youth Camp a couple of weeks ago. It was here that she made the decision to re-dedicate her life to Christ. This past Sunday she gave a public proclamation to  this re-dedication through baptism. Our church carpooled out to Ngunguru, a nearby beach, to celebrate this very special day for Hannah. What a gift it is to be part of this spiritual journey and to witness a change taking place inside of a young girl's heart. 

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