Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's amazing to see what He'll write, when you let God write your life story.

As the number of months left in New Zealand have been decreasing and we are getting closer to the end of our program, we have been praying diligently that God would guide and direct us to where He would have us serve next. Whether that meant staying in New Zealand, going back home to Michigan, or serving somewhere else in the world, we were leaving it up to him.
 A few months ago, I (Jesse) was drawn to a job posting on the Nazarene job board.  I immediately applied for the position without even consulting my wife (oops).  I gave the church the warning that we were in New Zealand and planned to stay there until May.  I sent off my resume and the warning and just prayed that God's will would be done.  Over the next few months, I talked with the Pastor and started to get very excited about the possibilities of the position. It was really cool to see that the church was willing to wait for us if we were the people for the position.  Well fast-forward a few months, I found myself on a plane to go visit the church and "interview" for the position.  I quickly fell in love with the church and the potential in the position.
 We had been praying that God would make our path clear and He did that.  He has been preparing Jenna and I for this position. It has been awesome to see how God works through our experiences (both successes and failures).  We are truly learning that God knows best and if we let Him write our story He will write a story that we could never have imagined.  Who would have thought we would be blessed working with the people here in New Zealand.  We are excited to see what the next chapter God is writing is going to be about.
We are sure that God will do amazing things through us at Clearwater First Church in Florida.  I will be the pastor to children and families at the church and will work on revitalizing the After-school program.
Our hearts are sad that our time here in New Zealand is quickly coming to an end but we are so grateful for the time we have had here and the relationships that we have been able to build.  God is working worldwide and we are just glad that he has chosen us to play a small part in His story.

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  1. The CFN family just heard the official announcement this Sunday! As a mom of children there, we are excited to see you guys join our CFN family!!